Green Street Challenge Takes over Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- Monroe Street in downtown Stroudsburg underwent a makeover overnight.

Green sod covered the pavement making it a green space. This is the first Come Alive Outside to be held in the United States and organizers want kids to take advantage of the nice weather.

“It’s such a beautiful area here, so while we are trying to get everyone to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, it's really a good way to reconnect with nature. Disconnect with all the devices we have, and especially enjoy downtown Stroudsburg,” said Katie Daniels.

Come Alive Outside is a non-profit organization which started a green challenge that gives families the chance to play outside in areas like this one.

Organizers say with obesity levels on the rise, kids and parents should be spending time outdoors.

Parents were happy to have their kids playing around outside even if it was just hula-hooping or playing catch.

“It is good to explore because nowadays you don't see kids playing with toys or just outside enjoying. Everybody is in front of a screen and I look back to my childhood and I loved just running outside and the fresh air is good,” said Trishana Thomas of Marshalls Creek.

For the kids, it was nice to take time away from the television and video games and have fun with friends.

“You get to be outside and you can do other activities outside that you can't do when you are inside,” said Logan Hughes of Pocono Pines.

“I want them to remind themselves and be inspired to get back outside and appreciate the outdoors and start living a healthier lifestyle,” said Daniels.

Come Alive Outside hopes to bring back the green space next year in Stroudsburg.