Boy Recovering After Being Run Over by Parade Float  

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SHAMOKIN -- A boy is recovering after he was run over by a float during a parade in Shamokin.

The name of that 10-year-old boy has not been released. His family has been keeping in touch with his coach, who reports the news about the boy's prognosis is encouraging.

Still for the family, team, and community, the experience has been traumatic.

An evening of celebration for the Shamokin Anthracite Heritage Parade took a dramatic turn Friday evening. The Cabrini baseball float ran over a 10-year-old player walking alongside. His foot apparently got caught in a wheel.

Coach Leo Mirolli was in a van up in front. He recalled at first the boy appeared unconscious.

"I immediately rolled him to make sure he was. He actually started pinking up a bit," Mirolli said.

The coach says between the injured player, his frightened teammates, and the people in the crowd, it was pandemonium as he waited for the ambulance.

"I consider every one of those kids one of mine. I am always looking out for their best interest, their safety. When something bad happens, I feel responsible."

The coach adds the boy's family wants people to know they don't blame anyone for what happened.

A day later, the festival continued in downtown Shamokin. People we met say the boy and his team are in their prayers.

"There are a lot of kids who were on that float, that saw this happen. I can't imagine what must be going through their minds," said Nedra Templar of Shamokin.

Mother Cabrini Church sponsors the team. There will be crisis counselors available there for anyone who needs them starting at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Players will also have a chance to make get well cards for their friend.

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