Woman Charged with Prostitution in Harveys Lake

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HARVEYS LAKE -- A woman in Harveys Lake faces prostitution and drug charges.

Police said 30-year-old Virginia Elkins sold herself online to support a drug habit.

"Prostitution is horrible, but the drugs is even worse. It's everywhere and it's an unfortunate thing that it's so close to where I live," George George of nearby Lehman Township said.

Police said the investigation began when Elkins' landlord told authorities that people were going in and out of the duplex on Lakeside Drive at all hours of the day. The landlord was concerned Elkins was selling drugs.

Earlier this month, Harveys Lake police stopped a person driving away from Elkins' duplex on Lakeside Drive. Officers found 11 bags of heroin in the man's car.

When Elkins was arrested later this month, police said they found syringes filled with heroin all over the home.

"On every piece of furniture in the home there was used needles, on the floor there were used needles," Chief Charles Musial of the Harveys Lake Police Department said.

With help from the Luzerne County Drug Task Force, the Harveys Lake Police Department charged Elkins with prostitution and drug possession.

"We want people to understand that we run a pretty clean ship here and we're going to continue to," Chief Musial said.

Police said Elkins saw anywhere from 7 to 9 people a day at 2120 Lakeside Drive since February of this year. Court papers show they paid about $180 an hour for it.

"She was doing the prostitution work for her drug habit," Chief Musial said.

People who live near the community are relieved to hear she's moved out of Harveys Lake after being charged, especially with summer just around the corner.

"Memorial Day Weekend, couldn't have been a better time to catch her," George said.

Court officials said Elkins was charged and released without having to post bail.


  • Tipler, the rat.

    I think it’s odd that she had this many people showing up, n there is no way she made $180hr, maybe $100 if she saw 3 people in that hour. Anyway she was prob in wb before this with no problem n thats where she will go back to with no issues. She should as others mentioned get tested and charge her with felonies if she has something crazy, she damn sure looks like it.

  • Hugh Hefner

    “Police said Elkins saw anywhere from 7 to 9 people a day” Whoa. How was she able to even stand up straight?

  • Conroy

    There’s nothing wrong with prostitution. It’s the oldest profession in existence. And it will happen whether you white knights try to stop it or not. The best thing to do is to follow the European and asian countries example. Legalize,tax, std check mandatory, and an emergency 911 button. put it in one central area so as not to make the whole place look bad. And voilà suddenly less people are going to jail, the prostitutes are safer, and the government has a new source of revenue. Same with pot. And also ketamine for mental health treatment. And boom you have a much better America.

    • Harry Voss

      How about disease? AIDS? Bringing mass amount of sorrow into the Community.
      When was the last time she had a Medical Exam? What about the wives that become infected? She is a piranha to the Community!
      If she does has STD she deserves a long Prison Term!
      If she has Aids, She should be charged with One Hundred Felonies!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Oh please if anything they should legalize it..if a woman wants to sell her body to make money why not…..you know why it’s not legal,cause the state and fed govt are not getting any tax dollars from it that’s why….
    so legalize it like the pot trade in a few states and tax the hell out of it….hell maybe my property tax could go down.

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