Tractor Day at Warrior Run High School

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LEWIS TOWNSHIP -- Seniors at Warrior Run High School near Watsontown took part Friday in a long-time tradition -- some students drove their tractors to school.

A John Deere tractor is something you would normally see on a farm but on this day, it's in the parking lot at Warrior Run High school.

It's "Tractor Day" and the graduating seniors drive their farm equipment to school.

"They grow up around tractors. We're a small, rural community. We're proud of our heritage and our traditions. It's something they look forward to, and believe it or not, they're pretty good drivers with their tractors," said Warrior Run High School Principal Nathan Minium.

Most of these students live pretty close to Warrior Run High School but their commutes were a little longer than usual.

"(It took) a good 20 minutes to a half hour," said Darren Brown of Turbotville, noting it usually take six to ten minutes.

"We had a little bit of a malfunction this morning so we left at like 7 (a.m.) but our plans were to leave at like 6:15," said Madi Wellider.

The students even had a tailgating party -- no alcohol, of course, but someone brought a grill.

"We had sausage. We had patties and links from a hog we butchered about ten days ago. We made toast on the grill. We did some scrambled eggs, some bacon," said Chloe Sees of Washingtonville.

Tractor Day wasn't as big as it was in years past because not as many kids had tractors. But the kids had a great time. Tractor Day is well known around the school district and students say they've been looking forward to it for many years.

"Every kid who goes up through this school knows that their senior year on the last day you get to drive a tractor."

Tractor Day is always held on the last full day of school for seniors.


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    glad we are moving forward with technology in this country, when i was a kid they talked about hover boards being a thing these days, no hover boards in sight, just stupid old tractors

  • Joseph

    Good for you kids. Keep bringing tractors and have your fun. Good luck to you seniors and all your lower classmates…

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