Tourists Headed to the Poconos for Holiday Weekend

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MONROE COUNTY -- Interstate 80 near Delaware Water Gap is bustling with traffic. Thousands of people are headed to the Poconos for the long Memorial Day weekend.

Many of them stopped at The Visitors Center in Delaware Water Gap.

"We stopped to use the restroom. We are so excited to finally hit PA but we had to use the bathroom and then we are headed to Kalahari Resort," said Stephanie Wist, New Jersey.

Other like this crew from New Jersey stopped to take a breather after a day of fishing.

"It went well. We caught fish and had a good time. We got here this morning at 6:30 and now it's a wrap," said Martin Seitz, New Jersey.

After people leave the visitors center, many of them will be checking into resorts like here at Great Wolf Lodge. Manager say they are booked for the weekend.

The outdoor swimming area at Great Wolf near Tannersville will open this weekend.

But with potential rain, many people might find themselves staying indoors.

"We are sold out. We are sold out all weekend and we are very excited about it. The beauty about it is even if the weather isn't the greatest, we have guaranteed weather so although you might not be able to do everything outside, we also have a hotel inside with a bunch of attractions and things to do in there as well," said Bill Colavito, General Manager.

"I love the Poconos, we've always loved the Poconos. We grew up as small kids like coming up here and hiking and whitewater rafting and I want to expose my kids to the Poconos," said Susan Sangiorgio, Long Island.

Susan Sangiorgio and her family traveled here from Long Island.

As you can see, they were very, very excited to get their weekend started at the water park.

"I got my 8-year-old, my 5-year-old, my little baby over there. It's nice because we all work so hard and we need a break," said Sangiorgio.

Camelbeach Water Park also opened this weekend near Tannersville.


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