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VIDEO: Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera, Bomb Scare at Bank in Schuylkill County

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WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- A bank robbery suspect was caught on camera running away and a bomb squad was called at a bank in Schuylkill County to examine a suspicious package left behind.

Police are now searching for that robbery suspect caught on camera running away from the bank in Schuylkill County.

A state police bomb squad had to be called to the scene near Frackville.

Police say the robber entered the bank shortly after it opened Friday morning. Since then West Mahanoy Township and state police have spent the day trying to track him down.

Video sent to Newswatch 16 shows what police are saying is the robbery suspect running out of a Miners Bank in West Mahanoy Township, near Frackville.

Since then, police tape has surrounded the bank and a helicopter searching for the robber flew high above.

Police say the robber handed a teller a note at Miners Bank just after 9 a.m.

They aren't sure how much money he got away with.

Police say after leaving a note, the suspect then took off on West Spruce Street.

A bank teller then told police there was a suspicious package left inside the bank after the robber left that led to the state police bomb squad being called in.

After a few hours, troopers were able to determine it was harmless.

"What had happened was when a priority call comes in, everybody calls and everybody is checking all their channels and we had a really good response from everybody," said West Mahanoy Township Police Chief Marvin Livergood.

A spokeswoman for Miners Bank tells Newswatch 16 that all the employees were able to make it out safely.

Police said the robbery at the Miners Bank is still under investigation.

Miners Bank tells Newswatch 16 the drive-thru only may be open on Saturday.



  • RetiredTeller

    Y’all quick to jump to conclusions and make assumptions but y’all don’t know anything about how it feels to be in that situation. Until y’all can say ya been through a traumatic event such as something like this I suggest y’all quit making jokes about it and grow up. I give kudos to the bank employees for opening the bank today even if they didn’t have lobby hours. As far as the police and law enforcement involved y’all did a great job apprehending the criminal within 8-10 hours.

  • Snagger

    He heard potato pancakes and halushki was on sale at Boyer’s…. had to get there quick before they were all gone.

  • Caesar

    There are a lot of people roaming. I used to play basketball in Frackville and there’d be this odd fellow always roaming alleyways. Peculiar face on that guy. Always wearing some Good Hose shirts or something. What’s the deal with people from that town?

  • enlighten me please

    I keep reading about Frackville’s local roamers. Who are they? Are they homeless pedos who live in woods and dumpster dive for a meal or something? I GOTTA GET DOWN THERE AND CHECK THIS TOWN OUT! Maybe it can be my families summer vacation trip this year. DANG!

    • Harvy

      Yah, i see some guy, kinda asian looking in the face but otherwise caucasian, anyway, he’s all over the place in tight sweatpants. He must be one of the roamers.

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