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VIDEO: Robbery Suspect Caught on Camera, Bomb Scare at Bank in Schuylkill County

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WEST MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- A bank robbery suspect was caught on camera running away and a bomb squad was called at a bank in Schuylkill County to examine a suspicious package left behind.

Police are now searching for that robbery suspect caught on camera running away from the bank in Schuylkill County.

A state police bomb squad had to be called to the scene near Frackville.

Police say the robber entered the bank shortly after it opened Friday morning. Since then West Mahanoy Township and state police have spent the day trying to track him down.

Video sent to Newswatch 16 shows what police are saying is the robbery suspect running out of a Miners Bank in West Mahanoy Township, near Frackville.

Since then, police tape has surrounded the bank and a helicopter searching for the robber flew high above.

Police say the robber handed a teller a note at Miners Bank just after 9 a.m.

They aren't sure how much money he got away with.

Police say after leaving a note, the suspect then took off on West Spruce Street.

A bank teller then told police there was a suspicious package left inside the bank after the robber left that led to the state police bomb squad being called in.

After a few hours, troopers were able to determine it was harmless.

"What had happened was when a priority call comes in, everybody calls and everybody is checking all their channels and we had a really good response from everybody," said West Mahanoy Township Police Chief Marvin Livergood.

A spokeswoman for Miners Bank tells Newswatch 16 that all the employees were able to make it out safely.

Police said the robbery at the Miners Bank is still under investigation.

Miners Bank tells Newswatch 16 the drive-thru only may be open on Saturday.



  • KMpignut69

    Suspect was caught. Two local roamers were having a slam jam in the vo tech woods when the suspect ran up on them. Thats when things really got bad for the suspect. Jackpot for the roamers and the cash wasn’t what they split.

  • WarningFakeNews

    “Police said the robbery at the Miners Bank is still under investigation.”

    NO! Really?

  • magicmikexxsm

    Okay who shot this video from their car with a cell phone????? why didn’t you pull out and follow him??? didn’t have to be close, but follow and see where he goes while you are calling the cops….
    way to go……

    • Kim

      He did follow him and drove down sidestreets to see if he came out of the woods. Then he went back and gave the information to the bank employees and the police. Don’t assume the worst of people

  • RicU.

    The dumb part of this posting are some of these comments. This guy knew what he was doing. He even planned his getaway which most don’t. He knew the camera angles and left a birthday present to confuse and delay his tracers as their main concern would have been the safety of the employees and neighborhood. Someone running in a hoodie, sneakers and shorts is no clue.

    Now comes the reality. He got about $2,000 for which the bank will claim $5,000 from the insurance company due to loss of business and be reimbursed about $11,000 by the insurer. Those are just the usual ratios.

    Out of his take ,this guy will have to throw about his sneakers, hoodie and shorts which will cost him about $200 to replace. Further, he will probably spend the rest on a trip where he can get a decent job or maybe a richer bank. If you are going to rob something, do it big and you will never serve time. Just think of the “Too Big To Jail” crowd.

    • Ted

      Your a regular inspector gadget or Sherlock holmes. frackville can use you to solve the crimes there. They been busy lately.

      • Smh

        Some pro they caught. This guy lived in a back alley in shendo and was arrested tons of times in the past !!!

  • kimmy

    Our goal is to turn the area around. Everyone here is just too pathetic so it’s never going to happen. Great locations for landfills!!

  • Hallo

    I’d love to see the black and white pixelated bank footage. Can’t see anything with his head turned away. Maybe the hood covered face will help.

  • Craig

    I used to play basketball in Frackville with NBA dreams. Tons of mediocre persons in that community. Great place to grow old in if you think at a very slow rate.

    • Mary Lou Gutsie

      Rump ranger. if you have a problem with someone, here is not the place to run your mouth! Man, or woman up, and face them!

  • enlighten me please

    I’ve never been in Frackville. It sounds like a strange, poverty stricken, twilight zone. Are there little toothless trolls that roam the streets then return to the coal mines after gathering leaves and water? Can someone please shed some light on this mysterious wasteland?

    • DannyJ

      The roamers are typically in sweatpants, fire company shirts, or velcro shoes. Unique in their stride, oddly built. They are very horny.

  • Tommygunn

    Pretty slow on the speed ! he sure wasn’t a running back for the NS Spartans the last few years.

  • JohnF

    Who’s that chubby little guy thats always running along Lehigh Ave. Heard him say something about Pierogies while he was talking to himself.

  • Bdeebs

    Sounds like you might have gotten more than you bargained for in that police station across from the Celebrity Room.

  • Mmmetchock

    Anyone work at BonTon? I am looking for closeout deals on navy blue t-shirts or jackets that can have logos printed on them.

  • Mmmetchock

    That Officer Gaverick used to rock a great mustache while on patrol of the Frackville streets.

  • kookisamericaswasteland

    LOL i like how they say west mahanoy Township, Frackville is right across that little alley and the zip code is frackville 17931. So let me get to the point what is going on up there, fight at KG graduation at North Schuylkill, A murder scene on North 3rd Street in the borough of Frackville and now the bank robbery in 17931 which is really come on lets say it frackville!


      Frackville is frackville i guess, great area! But hey don’t forget about the explosion with 2 killed up on 81 at the frackville exit. Its been a tough week in the Frack. Too bad the nearby Schuylkill mall is gonna close soon I was hoping to buy some long grey socks at Bon Ton.

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