Planning for Memorial Day Along the Susquehanna River

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UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP -- When you live close enough to walk to Shikellamy State Park, it comes with its perks.

"It's awesome. I love living on the river. I have tons of friends who have kayaks. I'm the odd man out for not having one usually.  A lot of people like to use tubes, towed behind boats with their friends that's a lot of fun, and jet skis," said Jacob Yeomans.

It takes Jacob Yeomans about two minutes to get from his house to the boat launch here near Sunbury.

With the unofficial start of the summer this weekend, Yeomans expects to see people from all over at the boat launch along the Susquehanna River.

"The entire river is lit up on Memorial Day. There are tons of boats and I'm sure we will be really busy,” said Yeomans.

Yeomans plans to be on the water this weekend, but he'll be working at Lake Augusta Outfitters.

"I'm a ball of nerves a ball of energy a ball of excitement," said Angela Troutman.

It's the beginning of the busy season for business owner Angela Troutman. What better way to kick off opening day at Lake Augusta Outfitters with a festival.

"We have live music from nine to two. Arts and crafts vendors. Food vendors. Free children's activities and a whole bunch of rental specials," said Troutman.

Knowing Lake Augusta Outfitters opens for the season every year over Memorial Day weekend makes it easy for people to plan. Something that's less predictable, the weather.

"I'm not concerned with the weather. Most times when the rain is predicted it doesn't usually happen. If you want to come out and have fun it doesn't matter if it's a little overcast and dreary. You're still going to have fun,” said Troutman.

While many people may rent boats there will also be jet skis and kayaks out this weekend near Sunbury.

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