Wilkes-Barre Township Police Ask Crack Owner to Claim Drugs in Facebook Post

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Wilkes-Barre Township Police say $1,600 worth of crack cocaine was recently found in the parking lot of Wilkes-Barre Township Commons, a shopping plaza.

"That's crazy. I wouldn't expect that around here. I don't see how you could drop that amount of drugs out here,” said Brian Gomez of Wilkes-Barre.

The drugs were found and handed over to the police, who then posted a message to the department's Facebook page asking the owner to show up at the township police department and claim his or her drugs:


$1,600 dollars in crack cocaine

Wilkes Barre Township Commons parking Lot

The Wilkes Barre Township Police is seeking to reunite crack cocaine and the person that that lost it in the Commons Parking lot.
We would hate to see you lose your job .....or even worse because you accidentally dropped the drugs in a parking lot where a kid could have found it.
If you would like to retrieve the substantial amount of product from our lost and found box, please stop by 150 Watson Street in Wilkes Barre Township, Pennsylvania with a picture of you holding the recovered items, identification and a written statement containing your claim to the crack.

The post has gone viral: thousands of people have seen it and hundreds have commented on it.

"Well, I'm a fan of a sense of humor I guess, but I don't know. What would you do?" laughed Joe Dawson of Bloomsburg.

The Facebook post may have been sarcastic and some people may find it funny, but police say what happened in the parking lot is no laughing matter because anyone could have found those drugs.

"That's sad because you have little children out here, so never know what could happen, a child could have found that,” said Ikea Delarge of Pittston.

No one really expects the drug owner will turn to police to get the crack back, but some say you never know.

"You know in New York they put out that you won something to all the drug addicts at their last location and they come into pick up their prize and they arrest them. The ones that have the warrants out for them, you know? Hey, if it works,” said Jim Burkavage of Hawley.


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