Crews Pull Car from Creek in Luzerne

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LUZERNE -- It took crews hours to pull a car from a creek in Luzerne County Thursday morning.

Police say a driver in Luzerne County crashed her car into a steep, muddy creek Thursday morning when she took a look at her phone at the wrong time.

Police say a 26-year-old woman from Kingston could be cited for careless driving after she took a look at her cell phone when she thought her car was in park and ended up crashing into Toby Creek.

"The good news is that nobody was hurt in the accident, so the task was to just get the vehicle out of the hole," said Paul Falzone of Falzone Towing.

Officers say the woman climbed out of the muddy, slippery creek in Luzerne on her own around 7:30 a.m. and walked more than a mile to police.

Authorities called Falzone Towing to get her Honda Civic out. They say it was a complicated job, especially in the rain.

"Usually vehicles that go through that kind of event, they are usually on their side or on their roof. That would've made it even easier because we would have just grabbed it from the bottom and picked it up. But in this case, we had to be a little extra careful," Falzone explained.

It took workers two and a half hours to get the car out of the creek with pretty minimal damage.

"We just took our time making sure that every step we took was the right step and most importantly there was nobody injured during the recovery," Falzone added.

Police say alcohol did not play a role in this crash.


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