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GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP -- Parents and coaches of a youth soccer league in Columbia County are upset about vandalism.  Someone drove on an organization's field near Millville, digging up the ground.

Tire tracks were left behind on the soccer field near Millville.  More than 100 children use this field about three times a week as part of the American Youth Soccer Organization.

"Before the game, the coach actually came out with a tamper and flattened all of the damaged areas on the field from whoever did donuts out here just so his kids could play safely,” Drew Meyer said.

Meyer runs the Millville chapter of the American Youth Soccer Organization.  The field is located at Camp Victory, but the soccer league is responsible for its upkeep.  Police believe someone drove around in circles on the field either last Thursday or Friday.

"People don't realize how much work the volunteers put in there.  They have to go fix the fields and it's not safe for the kids to play when the fields are in that condition,” Craig Omlor said.

Craig Omlor's kids played for the league for over a decade.  He still helps out.

“It takes a lot of time and money.  It just has to be safe for the kids to play on.  If there's ruts in there, they are not able to play,” Omlor said.

“When you're running you don't really see where your next step is going to be and any of these ridges, two inches, three inches, it can break your ankle,” Meyer said.

Unfortunately, this is a problem the organization is familiar with.  Meyer says this usually happens about once a year.

“We have the equipment to fix it and luckily with some volunteers that have given time we usually get it fixed pretty quick,” Meyer said.

If you have any information regarding the vandalism you are asked to call the Greenwood Township Police Department at 570-458-7084.