Smithfield Beach Open to Public All Week Long

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A popular beach and picnic spot in the Poconos that had been closed for construction temporarily reopened this week.

Paving and other improvements are being made at Smithfield Beach near Delaware Water Gap.

Smithfield Beach hasn't been this busy during the week in quite some time. It's been closed Monday through Friday due to construction.

But this week, construction is on hold and the popular spot is open to visitors.

"I am going out on the McDade trail. I help out here. I ride along it and see if there any questions. I have been getting a lot of questions from people on the trail of when is this going to open again," said Jeffery Heverley of East Stroudsburg.

Smithfield Beach has been closed during the week while paving and drainage improvements are underway.

Heverley took the re-opening as an opportunity to ride on his favorite trail.

"It's nice, except for the rain days, we have had a few in there, but no, this is nice."

Some people hit the water on boats while others tried their hand at fishing.

Eric and Allen Wentzel from Reading say even though they didn't get any fish, they were happy to see the beach was open.

"Well, definitely for Memorial Day weekend you want to have this open because a lot of people want to come and hang out," said Eric Wentzel.

"This is great," added Allen Wentzel. "I am sure it's going to be full on Saturday. I don't know about Sunday and Monday because they are calling for some rain, but Saturday it's supposed to be real nice."

People who were at the beach tell us they are happy to see that this place is under construction because it does need a little sprucing up. But while it's open, they will take advantage of it.

"Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement. Isn't that what they always say?" Heverley asked.

Smithfield Beach will be open through Memorial Day.

After the holiday, it will close again during the week and only remain open on weekends until further notice.