Looking to Replace Schuylkill County Water Meters

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POTTSVILLE -- The water company in Schuylkill County is warning the owners of nearly 1,000 homes and businesses they could lose their water soon because they haven't had their water meters upgraded--a requirement by the Schuylkill County Municipal Authority.

The authority says it's contacted customers more than a few times. They don't want customers to lose water because of this free service to upgrade their water meters.

The Schuylkill County Municipal Authority and a contractor are replacing older model water meters in 11,000 homes and businesses county-wide.

"We are certainly not in the business of turning people's water off, for sure. This project is not only to help the authority but also help the consumer and the customer," said executive director Patrick Caulfield.

The $1.1 million project to replace the meters began last April. Since then Lenegan Plumbing and Heating has replaced most water meters but still have 1,000 customers left.

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority officials say they've sent at least four different notifications.

"The primary purpose of the project is to get an accountability of the water," Caulfield explained.

Instead of going door to door to check on water meters, the SCMA can now use radio signals to check out water pressure in these new meters.

Jeremy Smith has worked as a meter technician for 12 years. The meters make his job checking how much water people use and keeping track of water pressure much easier.

"When I first started we used to walk the entire route so we were doing 1,800 homes within three to five days, depending on weather. Now we can do 300, 400 meters within a few seconds," said Smith.

Edward Lindenmuth tells Newswatch 16 he hasn't replaced his water meter yet because of scheduling but plans to before the June 7 deadline.

"They said it's supposed to be easier for them to read and more efficient saving time."

Bar and restaurant owner Peter Scopa says the replacement process was quick.

"They do it electronically. They read the meter every month. They don't even have to go inside. Mine's downstairs in my basement. They came knocking on my door saying the meter was working properly, came in and replaced it and boom, done!" said Scopa.

Customers who still haven't scheduled to receive their new meters have until June 7 to contact Lenegan Plumbing and Heating.

After that, the authority is going to shut off your water at a cost of $100. Then it will be $100 to get it back on.


  • Urans

    Is that an all plastic meter?

    How will that provide a good ground?

    Alot of homes electrical systems are grounded via the water pipe?

    Will the government be liable say when there is a power surge or lightning strike?

  • Urans

    Nobody has outside access for their water meters there? This is 2017. Even in 1987 there should have been an analog counter on the outside of the building.

    Is there not?
    Should there not already be the wire leading to the outside where a new radio meter can be installed?

  • Robert

    that’s because they place an electronic device inside your house that detects and provides instant information about the water usage in the home. The question I have, is what else does it provide?
    Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean nobody is out to get you!

    • meh

      research people. the data these things collect is very similar to the “metadata” being collected on every american by the NSA. by itself it doesnt provide a “lot” of info but when you start digging into the data it does provide, youll be amazed at everything they can discern about your house and the occupants within it. google this paragraph: “Sustainable Development is code for a policy designed to transform human society, essentially eliminating individual life decisions and replacing them with top – down, one-size-fits-all government control. In steady fashion, the agenda for this new policy, designed at the international level, is put into place piece by piece with a new government council here, and new regulation there, each designed to appear as a “local” development program. Like the proverbial frog in the slowly boiling pot, many Americans fail to notice the rise in government heat.”

      • Steve

        Just like all the chips on your electronic devices and household appliances. These chips tell when and how often the device is used or on. Look at your electric bill online under daily/hourly use.

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