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Giant Supermarket in Carbon County Now Selling Beer

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- There's a brand new section for people over the age of 21 at Giant Supermarket near Lehighton.

The store now sells beer and there is a variety for shoppers to choose from.

"It's a good idea. Yeah, I was going to make a stop on the way home and then I thought this is so convenient, why make two more stops?" said Kathy Kita, Jim Thorpe.

The new selection makes Giant in Mahoning Township the first supermarket in Carbon County to sell beer.

Managers at the store say they also added a beer garden and a dining area as required by state law.

The coolers are stocked with everything from traditional beer brands to local brews.

"The response has been overwhelmingly positive and, yeah, it's exciting. A lot of people are excited about all the different craft beer we have," said Kevin Taylor, lead beer associate.

The selection at Giant doesn't just end with beer. In a couple weeks, they will also have wine, too.

"It's good. That's why I browsed down here so I am going to come back," said Kita.

Truman Kreiser from Lehighton stopped in to stock up for the Memorial Day weekend.

He says he's happy he can now get his groceries and pick up some drinks, too.

"Yeah, it saves me a trip downtown. Yeah, there is a good selection. The only thing I don't see is the beer I drink -- Genessee beer," said Truman Kreiser, Lehighton.

There is also a special register to buy beer and wine right in the section.

Store managers say they will card everyone.

The beer section at Giant will be open seven days a week until 10 p.m.