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Air Conditioners Stolen from Friends of the Poor

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SCRANTON -- Friends of the Poor, an organization in Scranton that helps needy families, rents warehouse space at Pennsylvania Clothing Recyclers on Rosanna Avenue.  At some point over the past week or so, more than 40 air conditioning units were stolen from the warehouse. They were meant for the elderly and families in need this summer.

The warehouse is where Friends of the Poor stores the food and supplies that make it all that it is. The organization's president, Sister Ann Walsh, felt violated when she saw that the latest supplies to be distributed had been stolen.

Only seven of close to 50 air conditioning units were left at the warehouse. 41 were stolen sometime in the past week.

"This was a surprise today, a big surprise that we didn't expect because it's never happened before and we've done it for like, this is at least our third or fourth year," Sister Walsh said.

Friends of the Poor purchased the AC units a few weeks ago using money donated to the organization. It's a total loss of about $5,600.

"I'm so distressed to think that people are going to have to suffer because of whatever else happened here," Walsh added.

Sister Ann believes whoever took the units knew that they were there since Friends of the Poor took special care to cover and secure the units.

She also believes that Friends of the Poor is the only charitable organization in Lackawanna County that provides air conditioners to people in need.

"It's 41 families, elderly, who can't afford it themselves and they just won't be able to have it this year either," she added.

Detectives believe the thieves may be planning to re-sell the AC units. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call Scranton Police.


  • Fredric

    Welcome to the slick and shady world of 503(c).

    Unlike an established church, such as the Catholic Diocise, or Salvation Arrmy, 503(c) have no external oversight, no open books and no responsibility. What they collect, they spend. If items “fall onto a truck” and disappear, they really don’t have answer for it. YOU DO.

    YOU pay for those who should have received the help.

    YOU MAKE THE CHOICE. The Salvation Army and respectable religion will show where there money goes.

  • Fredric

    Magic Mike,

    You’re off target times THREE.

    A “tax write off” means Mike pays because if the big box gets the write off, they charge Mike to make up the loss while Mike ALSO pays the taxes not collected on the income in the big box would have. This means MIKE PAYS more in taxes as he has to make more to pay for the big box price increase AND what the big box didn’t pay.

    It’s okay everyone. Magic Mike is paying this tab.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Where is one of these big box store company’s????? they should step up and replace all the air conditioners for this charity..heck it’s a tax right off for you…….

  • kris

    Maybe an inside job lol I saw “volunteers” for years walk off with leather couches cars new appliances that were donated Sr use to say its not stealing if they needed it

  • RicU.

    How did 41 units “walk out the door” and drop themselves into trunks or fall ONTO a truck? This place as less security and responsibility than Crazy Eddy. I don’t want to hear how depressed they are. They blew it.

    There is something has to be investigated here.

  • Alpa Chino

    Someone please find these scumbags and break their slimy little fingers so they never can steal from – of all things – a charity.. Lazy losers.. Hopefully they just do the world a favor and walk out into traffic

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