Student Reflects on Manchester Bombing

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DUNMORE -- For students studying abroad this semester, their trips were bookended by terrorist attacks -- one in London in March and Monday night's bombing in Manchester, about two hours from London, that killed 22 people.

The student we spoke to says these attacks should not deter people from visiting Europe.

Police believe a suicide bomber set off the blast at an arena in Manchester, England, on Monday, killing 22 and injuring dozens.

Within hours, Jack Conway, a college sophomore, got an email at home in Dunmore telling him his fellow classmates and professors are all safe.

"We got an email almost immediately. Fordham, where I'm at, is pretty good. They tracked down every member of the community, the alumni, the faculty. They make sure everyone's safe," said Conway.

Conway returned from a semester in England earlier this month. At the beginning of his trip was another terrorist attack.

Conway was in London's Westminster area in March when a terrorist drove into a crowd killing four.

He says security in the city changed after that.

"There's no guns in London, like, no police officers, no citizens are allowed to have guns. After these attacks, you see these huge guys walking the streets with these guns, so it was definitely an attitude change in the city especially."

The news of another, more deadly, attack in the city of Manchester is devastating and Conway says it's caused some of his classmates to second guess making trips to the U.K.

But, he says, Americans should have the same perspective that the British had after the attack in March.

"I think London has that attitude that they're not going to be messed with. They're not going to be. Nobody's going to step on them."

Because the spring semester for most universities has already finished, we have not heard of any local students currently studying in England.

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  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    “I think London has that attitude that they’re not going to be messed with. They’re not going to be. Nobody’s going to step on them.”
    I’m sorry Jack, but they WERE messed with and stepped on, as we were here in America too by muslims. It’s going to keep on happening too as long as they’re here. You think more candles and flowers for the victims is going to stop them? I bet they’re laughing at the stupidity of us infidels for letting them come over to the West. Those 7th-century barbarians have no place here and they need to be shipped back to where they came from. Then it’ll stop – not before.

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