Skimming Device Found in Gas Pump in Luzerne County

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Police say a device that copies credit card information was found at a gas station in Plains Township.

That equipment, known as a skimming device, was discovered a pump at the Carriage Stop Plaza Sunoco gas station on Route 115 Tuesday morning.

If you bought gas from that gas station on Route 115 near East Mountain Boulevard, police say you should pay close attention to activity on your bank account.

The department posted an alert on its Facebook page, warning people that a skimming device was found at a pump.

Police say it has been removed, but it's not clear how long it was there.

“I can't afford to have money taken out of my account,” said a woman from New York who stopped for gas.

“I use my credit card for everything because I like to get the points, you know,” said Bob Ammenhauser from Spring Brook Township.

“I like the card,” said Judy Keats from Bear Creek Township. “It's more convenient because I really don't carry cash with me, very rarely do I.”

“I didn't even know that they were doing stuff like that at gas stations, and it's fast to do that as opposed to going in, and a lot of times I don't like to have to get out and go in and all that stuff, so something to think about now,” said the driver from New York.

Police say they were notified by the owner that the device was one on of the pumps. The owner declined to speak with Newswatch 16, however customers say it's nice to know he's being attentive.

“Absolutely because that would be awful, you know, if they weren't paying attention to that. I'm not going to be paying attention to it. I wouldn't think anything of it,” said Keats.

This latest case is at least the fifth time in about six weeks that police in our area say they've found evidence of credit card skimming at a gasoline pump.


  • Shut Them Down!!

    I think all gas stations and ATM Machines that are outside of a store should close them up. Have customers physically walk inside and hand the clerk the card. Any squirrelly activity on your card and you know who took it. Get a little exercise too. Its only convenient until you have $0.00 in your account 3 hours after you get paid.

    • living in the past

      Here’s an even better idea: The gas stations should only be open from Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM. When you pull in you’ll drive over a rubber hose that makes a bell inside go ‘ding-ding’. A sharply dressed young man with a bow tie will come out to fill your tank, wash your windshield, and check your oil. When he’s done, he’ll only accept cash but he will give you S&H Green Stamps.

  • ...

    What I want to know is that if the device was found and removed by Authorities, is the card information safe?? Do these skimming devices have wireless transmission for information or does the thief have to physically remove and download the data?? This article gives ZERO information as to what to do besides look at your account?? It would be nice to know some detail WNEP.

    • Gregory Gower

      I am pretty sure that the thief has to retrieve the device to get the info off of it. You should be safe since the cops got it first. BUT, notify your credit card company of the situation. They may force you to get a new card issued. It’s up to you to tell them or not. It just happened to me, my card was skimmed and I was forced to get a new card with new numbers. The thief tried to charge over $200 at Walmart but for whatever reason, the card got denied. My card requires entering the zip code and I think that’s what stopped it. I make a lot of automatic payments so it was a pain to call all of those vendors with a new number to use.

  • Dr. Jenn

    Time to ditch the credit cards and go back to cash…use cards only if absolutely necessary or pay the price for convenience.

    • Jack

      pay the price for the convenience? Don’t we already do that in the extremely high interest rates?

      • common sense stuff

        ZERO interest if you pay in full each month. Only DOPES finance things on credit cards.

      • hurry up and wait

        And you’d be the first person to complain if you had to wait in line for 2 minutes while the guy in front of you pays his bill. Or are you one of those inconsiderate goofs that leaves their car at the pump and goes inside to take a dump, get some nachos, play some lottery cards, have a smoke outside, pick your nose, go back inside to buy some more smokes and Jack’s Links, and then go back to your car when you’re good and ready?

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