Competency Hearing Requested for Man Accused of Firing Shots Outside Walmart

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WILKES-BARRE -- The attorney for a man accused of firing shots outside a Walmart in Luzerne County filed a petition for a competency hearing.

Scott Sargent, of Shenandoah, is accused of firing an AR-15 rifle at police outside a Walmart in Wilkes-Barre Township in October of 2015. An officer fired back, hitting Sargent in the stomach.

Sargent's attorney claims Sargent has been diagnosed with severe mental health illnesses and is not competent to stand trial.

Jury selection in the trial was supposed to start Monday.


  • Really?

    If he was diagnosed with mental illness why isn’t he being institutionalized? That’s my question. They always go for the incompetence theory in these kind of situations. Its very sad. Mental illness is no joke. My nephew suffers with mental illness and he is the sweetest man you could ever now. Stop using the mental illness excuse!!!

  • Archie Beal

    If he is found incompetent and unfit to be held accountable, it will set a ridiculous precedence for all these weirdos that want to shoot up the town. They will go on their rampage and afterwards their attorneys will scream up and down oh they didn’t know what they were doing. Until the attorney or his family or friends are shot. These defense attorneys are just as much of a joke.

  • think positive

    If he’s not competent enough to stand trial then he should be prosecuted without a trial. Some attorneys, however, should be expelled for incompetency.

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