Books and Bonding at Williamsport High School

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A lot of the 6th graders at Lycoming Valley Intermediate near Williamsport will tell you they look up to 17 year old Kurt Dannekar, but it's not because he’s 6 foot 4.

"When I was there age I felt the same way toward high schoolers. It's really cool to be in a different position," said Danneker.

Danneker is a junior at Williamsport Area High School. He plays football and is already getting offers to play in college, but he got his start at the school in Loyalsock Township.

"Yea I went to 'Lyco' I played on this field for practice. It really just feels good to come back and help out the kids and have a little bit of fun," said Danneker.

A group of former Lycoming Valley Intermediate students, who now play sports in high school came back to their former school. It's part of a program to help high schoolers and their younger peers feel more connected.

"How they present themselves is huge because they are being watched," said Principal Tim Fausnaught.

All eyes were on 10th grader Zack Hamilton as he read aloud to Ms. Keener's 6th grade class.

"I feel like a movie star coming in here to little kids," said Zach Hamilton.

"They are in a higher grade than us and they are smart and they can teach us new things," said Noah Golden.

The high school athletes tell Newswatch 16 they play hard on the field but they also work hard in school.

"Keep your grades up and make sure you're passing," said Hamilton.

"I've seen in movies that people are mean in high school but they are not and I’m not so nervous as long all the people I’m going to school with become like them like nice I wouldn't mind high school,” said Kennadi Godfrey.

The last day of school at Lycoming Valley Intermediate is in just a few weeks. The school plans to bring another group of athletes to Lycoming Valley Intermediate next year.