A Clear View of Summer

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With the recent warm-up and sunny skies lately, it could have you reaching for your sunglasses more often. But are your shades protecting your peepers the way they should?

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey tackled some tips to help you not only find the right fit, but also make sure your eyewear is blocking out the right amount of rays.

For some ideas, Ryan popped by Boyle Eye Specialists in Scranton for a few suggestions.

Optometrist Dr. John Boyle says when shopping for shades, look for the following facts on the lenses: UV 400 Protection and Optical Quality Polarization.

Polarized lenses help absorb reflected light and are great for people who spend a lot of time outdoors doing activities such as fishing, boating, etc.

Polarization could help cut down on the majority of reflective light off of the surface of the water. They work just as well even in the winter.

Another tip: darker lenses don't mean better mean better protection. The most important thing is UV light absorption.

Dark lenses without UV light protection can cause more harm than good because the dark lenses will cause the pupil to open more and allow more damaging light to enter the eye.

For more tips when shopping for summer shades, head here!

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