Warm Weather Woes for Some Workers in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Work as hard as Daniel Byron and you might break a sweat too.

"It's get out there and hurry back. If we don't deliver we don't make money," said Daniel Byron.

Byron does a little bit of everything at Long Island Pizza in Williamsport. On this day, he's the delivery driver and that means he's working out in the heat.

"It gets super-hot in the cars," said Byron.

According to Newswatch 16's chief meteorologist Kurt Aaron. May 18’s all-time record high in Williamsport is 95 degrees. By mid-day, it reached around 92 degrees.

"If I’m going and I'm steady I keep the car going I keep the AC on,” said Byron.

For Byron and plenty of others working outside the 90-degree temps this week in Williamsport are big jumps from last week.

"So I was stuck in the rain in a t-shirt and as much sweat as you see pouring down is as much rain that was pouring down," said Byron.

While the warmer weather may make some jobs a little more difficult outside, it looks like it's bringing in business here at the Grilled Cheese Cafe. It's a food truck in Williamsport.

"I'd rather have a day like this than rain. The rain people don't come out," said Dave Cowles.

Up close to the grill temps can reach.

"Right here it's about 120,”

Dave Cowles hasn’t always had air conditioning in his truck.

"The air conditioner is running but that's all we have today,” said Cowles.

"I wouldn't want to be in that all day it's hot enough in the building," said Teresa Edwards.

This spike in temperature won't stay around forever, so get out there and enjoy it while you can.

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  • Nicole

    Just so you know, the owner of the grilled cheese cafe’s name is Nick Cowles, not Dave… 😂 But awesome to see my dad on the news! 😁

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