Visitors Did Not Have to Get Creative to Stay Cool at Fine Arts Fiesta

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WILKES-BARRE--- Unlike past years, the weather is sunny and warm for the opening day of the Fine Arts Fiesta in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

With highs in the 90's, french fries were not the only things frying at the Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre on Thursday.

"We've had so many miserable, rainy days, that we're glad to have that hot weather," Kay Jones of Hanover Township said.

The fiesta celebrates some of the best artists from all around Luzerne County. This year's weather couldn't have painted a better picture for a huge turnout.

"It gets better every year. This started out with paintings hanging on a snow fence 60 years ago," Eileen Carlin, of the Board of Directors for the Fine Arts Fiesta, said.

Hundreds of artists are displaying their work on Public Square and if visitors wanted to survive the heat, lemonade helped.

"Everybody likes lemonade on a hot day," Tony Thomas said.

People from as far away as Columbus, Ohio were drawn in by the festival. They too beat the heat with some gold old fashioned lemonade.

"It's very interesting to see. I came on it just taking a walk. So I found it and it was very exciting to see," Stephanie Keller of Columbus, Ohio said.

Even fifth and sixth graders from Heights Murray Elementary School slurped down some slushies and ate ice cream to stay cool.

"I actually love the paintings and stuff. I like how they paint my face. I like everything here," Gina Ortiz a student at Heights-Murray Elementary School said.

If you want to get in on the fun, the celebration continues throughout the weekend.