Talkback 16: Presidential Controversy and Tax Conundrums

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"Where's my tax relief?"

That's the question we tried to answer yesterday with help from the State Gaming Control Board...yet, some folks are still skeptical.

We also took calls from viewers sounding off about the controversy surrounding President Trump and more on today's edition of Talkback 16.


  • truck driver

    The only “controversy” is the effort to overturn an election via “fake news”
    If the comments were about the ISIS lovin Kenyan we had for 8 years would it be news?

  • Chuck

    I like the last woman threatening violence because Trump is going to resign….not impeached…he will resign. Then as a private citizen they can arrest him on RICO charges.

  • Lance

    Again another rush to judgment. The news can’t wait to report every little thing or soundbite. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They cant get the news out fast enough. Yes the administration has alot to answer for . But wait until the facts are in. No wonder there is a plethora of fake and real news. Who knows what is the truth?

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