Lackawanna College Announces New Campus in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Lackawanna College has announced it is opening a campus in Sunbury this fall.

A vacant building located in the Sunbury Plaza on North 4th Street will be home to the Sunbury branch of Lackawanna College.

This week, officials at Lackawanna College announced plans to expand, putting a satellite campus in Sunbury.

Mayor Dave Persing is thrilled. He's been trying to bring a college to Sunbury for over a decade.

"It's realistic that we have an accredited college that wants to come to Sunbury and it's perfect," said the mayor.

Seniors at Shikellamy High School in Sunbury are happy Lackawanna College is coming and say it will be a great asset to their younger peers.

"Especially for kids who aren't sure if they want to go away to college for a whole for years, they could maybe take a class or two," said Ethan Oakes.

"Even those who want to stay local and don't have enough money to go off to college," added Tatyana Ford.

Natalie Shoch of Sunbury took some college classes at a nearby university but says it would have been great to have less expensive Lackawanna College here.

"It would have instead of driving back and forth. It's really great for people who want to go into four-year degrees or just two-year degrees," said Shoch.

Guidance counselor Rob Donlan sees a need for a school in Sunbury. He says sometimes students aren't sure if they want to go away for college.

"A lot of times, they may be scared of the commitment there. So it might give them the opportunity to take a few classes to make a better decision," said Donlan.

Students can start taking classes at the Sunbury Campus of Lackawanna College starting this fall.

"It's the credibility. You can go to Lackawanna College right now and transfer two years from now or one year to wherever you want to go," said Mayor Persing.

Get more information on the Sunbury Center at Lackawanna College's website.