Trail Closure Spoils Plans for Many

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- Part of a popular trail in northeastern Pennsylvania is closed this summer.

The Delaware and Hudson Rail Trail is a popular place for bikers, hikers, walkers, and runners.

The trail is 38 miles long, running from near the New York border to Simpson in Lackawanna County.

"It's so beautiful. There are spots where you can just sit for eight hours a day and have a picnic and fish all day long,” said one woman from Vandling.

About eight and a half miles of the trail is closed now from Simpson to Union Dale in Susquehanna County. It’s part of a gas pipeline project for Invenergy, a power plant in Jessup.

Trail officials say that stretch will remain closed through October and possibly into November.

"I think that's awful just because a lot of people do their walks and bike ride. Every single morning if I go down to Forest City, it's just filled with people walking their dogs or biking all the time,” said Lisa Bender of Union Dale.

Some say the trail closure means they can't get do their favorite fishing spots.

"I'm not happy about it because it's supposed to be open until Memorial Day weekend for us trout fishers to go down there and now Linde is here and it's great they're doing the gas line, but for us, it really puts a damper on us,” said the woman from Vandling.

Trail officials say there is some good news with all of this. They say workers have promised to put the signs back up, put the gates back up, and even resurface the trail, which badly needed it.

"That will work really well, too because some areas, it's really muddy and that, so it'll work out real good,” said John German of Union Dale.

The trail is still open north of Union Dale.


  • Symbolsareforthesimpleminded

    Where’s the “free energy” when you need it… *Tesla *, oh wait , never mind, we all know how that ended up, heyna?
    Patents that are classified could wipe out all this non-sense . ( but we all know what industry would be out of money and power if zero point energy were utilized ) . But hey, complaining about it and bickering amongst ourselves is much easier then to talk about the true facts , right ? Heyna or no?! *facepalm*

  • carbon

    Carbon is as green as it get. It did come from plants. The largest cause of Carbon Dioxide is termites. The largest source of Methane is growing rice. Lets not forget Ozone, try lightning. Carbon is 100% renewable Pipelines carry everything, even coal. If you find that hard to believe look it up.

  • muffentop

    What a bunch of dreamers money talks and bull**** walks live by that and you will live a happy life stop crying!

  • Benjamin T.

    another anti-natural gas story by WNEP. Did one of WNEP’s reporters write this or CNN Wire? it’s hard to tell

  • jennifer

    as a resident of Susquehanna County, I have seen, and experienced the inconvenience of the pipeline projects. We need to have patience, and look forward to the future, including the education opportunities offered to our local high school students. Where local students who otherwise may not excell in the typical classroom, their prospective school districts offer high school vo tech programs which offer education and certificates,and many scholarships in the area involving the industry. I think this should be talked about much, much more in our area. Especially by local news. Parents just don’t know what is available for their ” non academic “. or “non athlete” kids.

    • Axia

      Sorry Jennifer to alert you to reality, but natural gas (and carbon fuels) are not the future. It’s the same as coal in 1970. It’s dirty, it’s dangerous, and it isn’t sustainable. Green energy is already more profitable in the long-term, but short-term gains define corporate America, so natgas plants will be built until these companies are driven out by green energy in 10-20 years. And then we’ll have even more superfund sites, to clean up the leftover mess of the fossil fuel industry.

      • on the grid and loving it

        Sorry Axia to alert you to reality, but natural gas is the present and future part of diverse energy means in the USA. Why do you think billions of dollars are being invested in the infrastructure? Your so-called ‘green energy’ has been tried and mostly failed in European countries (who are decades ahead of us) as the sole source of energy. Sure, there are areas where wind power does well, and other areas where solar works on a residential scale. Neither can manage industrial loads and metro residential areas. The EPA has cleaned coal up over the years, and there are still many decades of coal reserves available. What superfund site from natural gas? Not sure where you get your information from. Green energy is more profitable? Poor choice of words.

      • john williams

        Axia-save the earth, give up your car, your heat, your hot water and your shingles on the roof of your house. all made with fossil fues and there will NEVER be another substitute that can do what fossil fues do. Oil is the fuel of free nations.

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