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Salvation Army Organizers Planning Ahead for Kettle Campaign in the Poconos

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Organizers in one part of the Poconos aren't wasting time when it comes to trying to raise some money.

After being hit with a few setbacks -- such as legal fees, and losing one of their top locations -- organizers with the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign are getting an early jump on this year's initiative.

Though probably known best for their iconic red kettles and ringing bells, the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign allows the organization to service hundreds of families all across the Poconos. Now this year, in addition to increasing legal fees, one of the top bell-ringing spots -- the K-Mart in East Stroudsburg -- is off the table.

"There's some contract fees that different locations charge us," said Jason Lesh, the Salvation Army's Events and Development Coordinator. "They vary in range from $50 to $350 dollars. So, we are only talking about $500 for the whole season."

Lesh explains that those 'contract fees' are simply legal fees a few stores charge before volunteers can set up bell-ringing stations. While the Salvation Army Directors don't mind paying the fees, they need community support to continue to do so.

"Without the community support, we wouldn't be able to do the most good for Monroe County," he added.

And with the K-Mart in East Stroudsburg slated to close this summer, the campaign is losing one of their top three donation locations -- which is what has the Salvation Army thinking so far ahead.

"K-Mart in East Stroudsburg is closing as you know so that's roughly $13,000 dollars lost of our campaign," he said. "It's about 10-percent total of our annual Red Kettle campaign."

The Salvation Army directors are still not sure yet where they will set up shop to replace K-Mart, that decision will reportedly come at a later time.

If you'd like to help the Salvation Army and the Red Kettle Campaign, you can find information here.