Painful Parking: Elevator Repairs to Begin Next Month

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SCRANTON -- It seems good news is on the way in regards to a painful parking situation in the Electric City.

Sources tell Newswatch 16 that the parent company of the non-profit that runs a pair of parking garages in Scranton promises to fix the broken elevators at its Washington Avenue facility. This response comes after a recent Newswatch 16 Investigation, highlighting the consequences of those elevators remaining in disrepair for over eight months.

In a statement, the National Development Council announced that the work to repair those broken elevators is slated to begin June 5.

The parent company of ABM Parking claims it inherited the broken elevators after taking over operation of the parking garage on North Washington Avenue last August.

Keith Williams, an advocate for people with disabilities, has been pushing ABM to fix the broken elevators for the better part of the year.

"They need to strive to get that elevator repaired," said Williams, from the Center for Independent Living. "We keep being told to expect the improvements this spring. So far nothing. Spring's here! Yes!"

In an email to Newswatch 16, the non-profit National Development Council -- or NDC -- said elevator repairs are scheduled to start next month as part of a $6 million dollar capital improvement to the city's parking system.

The NDC also claims it will create five more handicapped parking spaces on the ground level of that garage on North Washington Avenue.

For residents like 77-year-old John Lilley, it was welcome news, especially after he was forced to park on an upper floor of that parking garage last week when he was downtown for a medical appointment.

Newswatch 16 Investigates also wanted to know if ABM will change these signs warning drivers that elevators don't work -- many people complain the sign is too detailed to read while driving. Many claim they don't notice them until they've driven into the garage's entrance, finding themselves committed to parking in the facility.

As of yet, the NDC has not returned our emails to answer that question.

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