Final Countdown for Winning Lottery Ticket Sold in Luzerne County

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NUANGOLA -- It's the final countdown for an unclaimed $225,000 winning Cash 5 ticket bought in Luzerne County.

It was purchased at Nelly's Travel Plaza in Nuangola for the May 31, 2016 drawing.

People at the store on Wednesday knew exactly what they would do with the money.

"I would buy a 2017 Chevy Super Snake Mustang," Mark Ide of Wapwallopen said.

"Go on vacation, give it to my family that need it and help, stuff like that," Breeanna Weaver of Nuangola said.

"What would I do? Oh my god! I would pay off all my bills, of course, and I would travel," Carmen Galardi a Clerk Cashier at Nelly's Travel Plaza said.

The winner has two more weeks to cash in the Cash 5 winning numbers of 5-6-32-39-42. They can claim it at any lottery retailer.

"I think somebody better look through their glove box and cars and find it," Ide said. "They better hurry. It's spring time, start cleaning."

People said Nelly's Travel Plaza is a lucky location because this is not the first time someone has hit it big here.

"The first one was 2013 with $1 million, we did have a $2 million winner but we don't know where he came from, and then the Cash 5 that they say hasn't been claimed," Galardi said.

The Pennsylvania Lottery reports the most recent unclaimed winning ticket was a $1 million Cash4Life ticket. It was sold in East Stroudsburg and it expired last September.

Other people have been playing for years at the Nuangola location but they have not been so lucky. They said they'll keep trying anyways.

"[I'm in the hole] probably $750,000 for 42 years playing," Lawrence Brosh of Rice Township said.

Even if the ticket goes unclaimed, senior citizens in the Commonwealth win!

The Pennsylvania Lottery has given out nearly $27 billion to programs that benefit seniors for the past four decades.


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