Community Comes To Aid Of Veteran in Schuylkill County

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POTTSVILLE -- It's been an up and down past few years for Alena Spears of Pottsville.

After buying this house two years ago the Air Force veteran fell on tough times. Because of her physical and social disabilities, she was unable to find steady work. Randy Simmons heard about Alena Spears about two weeks ago and decided to help.

"Helping me get back on my feet again and finding some self worth because it's difficult finding work in my position," said Alena Spears of Pottsville.

Randy Simmons is the founder of "We Agape You" a nonprofit organization that helps veterans and others get back on their feet and find jobs. Members of the group were trying to make repairs at Alena's house.

"It's our mission any veteran no matter what your situation is we go far and beyond not that we don't with the needy but when a veteran comes to us in these type of circumstances we do whatever we can do," said Randy Simmons of We Agape You.

Two sump pumps are overflowing, and she has no hot water because her furnace is broken.
Simmons says these repairs along with others could cost up to $10,000.

"She's our hero she served our country...and has to live like so we are just hoping the community rallies around this," he said. "You don't have to send money, just come down and help out...something so we don't have her living in this hazard."

Spears is grateful for all the unexpected help from the community group.

"I didn't know how much was going to fall into place is the best way to say I don't think I was quite aware of everything at the moment, but from what I've heard a lot of people are jumping to help which I never expected," said Spears.

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  • sometimes our problems are our own creations

    Kudos to the people that are helping others. But – before you reach for that checkbook or volunteer your time – know your charity. “Because of her physical and social disabilities, she was unable to find steady work.” Not sure what her problems are – and I hope she gets them squared away – but she can start helping herself by taking that stupid nose piercing out. Seriously, I would not hire anyone that interacted with the public with such a ridiculous piercing. Tattoos? Put them somewhere where they can be covered up. Sure – there are places you can work with that crap on your body – Spencer’s Gifts or Hot Topic come to mind, You are limiting your marketability with such bold displays of personal preference.

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