Voters Weigh in on President Trump

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Plenty of voters walked in and out of the Stroud Township Municipal Building after casting their ballots Tuesday.

Many of them had a lot to say about local politics.  Some others talked about national politics, including the latest issue to come out of Washington, D.C. -- President Trump and his administration releasing classified information to top Russian officials.

"I'm especially surprised because I voted for Trump and I am a little disappointed at this point," said Jack Dempsey, Stroud Township.

Some voters tell Newswatch 16, it seems like every other day there is a new controversy coming out of the White House administration, from the firing of former FBI Director James Comey last week and now this.

"It's not business as usual. It's a crap shoot. God only knows what is going to happen," said Donald Evanko, Stroud Township.

Voters we spoke to say it is concerning all that is going on in Washington, D.C., and many are just looking for answers.

"I think everything has to come to a head here sooner or later so we can find out what we are doing," said William Clark, Stroud Township.

William and Chris Clark from Stroudsburg say it's a confusing time and they wish there was more support for President Trump.

"It's a little uncomfortable, but as I said, there is so much other disruption among the Americans that they can't decide anything," said Chris Clark, Stroud Township.

"I think we just have to wait and see what is going to come out of it all," said Clark.

Some other voters Newswatch 16 spoke to are hoping to see fewer problems with the Trump administration and more progress that was promised.


  • lookback

    You all got what you deserve with Trump. He is an embarrassment to our country, he has no understanding of the basics of how to run a government and no desire to learn, he spills our top secret information to the Russians, asks the FBI director to kill the investigation into a man that could conceivably be called to testify against Trump, asks, like a king for officials loyalty, not to country but to him personally. He is consumed by TV and spends most of his day watching talking heads on political opinion programs, he destroys the reputation of his aides and our country in general. He simply is the wrong man for this job, yes he bulled his way in, fooled allot of people, made promises he knew he would not keep, manipulated peoples frustrations and got them to vote against their own and our country’s interest and now it is time to face the facts, Trump is antithetical to all we hold dear as a country, he works to enrich himself at the cost of America’s reputation around the world, he isolates our allies and likes to cozy up to dictators. If all he has done in these few short months had been done by a president named Clinton his party would be apocalyptic and there would already be impeachment hearings underway, an independent prosecutor assigned, criminal investigations, censor legislation against him, however we now see the true colors of the republican party and they ain’t red white and blue but more a pale yellow as they are acting in a cowardly fashion because of their fear of Trump and his trolls. Not sure which is worse, Trump’s incompetence and disdain for the institutions and history of our country or the GOP’s spineless reaction and subservience to their would be king because they live in fear.

    • Tired Old Guy

      Lest you have forgotten Clinton WAS impeached. I do not believe enforcing laws that have been ignored to the detriment and safety and well being of our citizens is antithetical as I also do not believe putting Americans first and regaining our international respect is un-American. I also do not believe that securing our borders from criminals and terrorists is antithetical to the very foundations of our Country as well honoring those who served and continue to serve along with supporting the men and woman who lay their lives down on the line everyday to protect and to serve us and our communities is anti American and I find that those who accuse him of all sorts and manners of incompetency and anti-Americanism are generally people from the left who prefer open borders and anarchy and accepting no responsibility for any of their actions while they are Ok with releasing criminals back into to society to commit other crimes. Trump haters will always be Trump haters it comes with the mind set and please no more accusations that are unfounded, unproven and as been proven in the past without so much as an apology FALSE.

  • Tired Old Guy

    The man has only been in office for two months for crying out loud. We all know where the controversy’s are coming from, namely the left wing liberal media Trump haters and the Democrats who still can`t believe they lost the election. In all my years I have never seen a level of hostility and hate from the left as I see today towards a duly elected President. Most of the liberal media has lost all credibility and it is not even fake news any more, it is fabricated out and out lies. This is sad not only for the President who hasn`t even been given an opportunity to serve but for the Country as a whole. If the Democrats and the evil left wing liberals think they are helping themselves by talking impeachment, let us recall one of their own that WAS impeached while he lied on National TV to the whole Country and then had the audacity to go out and campaign for his wife who was herself under investigation and embroiled in her own controversies. If that does not convince you the liberals are evil this Country is in worst trouble than I thought.

    • E

      “In all my years I have never seen a level of hostility and hate from the left as I see today towards a duly elected President.”
      This is a fair statement because typically, the hate and hostility comes from the right. In you case, however, I’m sure you were equally appalled when Trump was disrespecting our president by making claims that he was a non-citizen / Isis leader / secret Muslim / un-American…., because, if not, you’re just another willfully ignorant hypocrite.

      • Tired Old Guy

        I agree the statements were appalling. The difference is though the election is over and now instead of coming together in the interest of the Country, the Democrats love to divide turning the elderly against the and the young against the elderly, race against race of course I could go and on but I learned a long time ago you cannot discuss politics with liberals as they are wired differently and truth, common sense and reason dose not work

      • E

        Truth: Neither Trump nor his supporters had any interest in “coming together in the interest of the country” during the Obama administration.
        Truth: The republicans control the house and senate, so they will determine if Trump is impeached and removed from office.
        Reason: With republicans in control of the white house and congress and a new conservative majority on the supreme court you really can’t believably blame liberals for anything that’s happening now.
        Common sense: Trump has no plans. He has no ideas. He’s nothing close to what conservatives were hoping he’d be.
        The sooner they admit that the better off we’ll all be.

  • WarningFakeNews

    The reporter’s political bias is clear, that’s why they delete like there is no tomorrow. Can’t have opposing viewpoints, they need their safe space and they obtain it through the delete button.


    Trump definitely has things hide. He s unfit to rule and is using his power to enrich himself and the wealthy. Impeach him and remove him I’m office!!!

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