Voters in Lycoming County to Decide on Judge

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- If you want to see voters in Lycoming County on Election Day, stop by the fire station in Old Lycoming Township. It's the largest precinct in Lycoming County.

"I come every time," said Donald Bergerstock. "I think that it's very important to vote."

For decades, Bergerstock has been casting his vote at this fire station near Williamsport, but this time he didn't have much company.

"I think it's very light. Usually, it's pretty crowded around here," he said.

"If anybody knows somebody on the ballot, they certainly want to come out and support them," said Wolf Township resident Rob McKenzie.

One of the candidates running for Lycoming County judge introduced himself to voters outside a polling place near Hughesville.

"It's sad to say it's been quiet, steady but quiet," Lycoming County judge candidate Eric Linhardt said.

"It seems like it's a little low, but the day's not over yet. The polls don't close until 8," said Lycoming County judge candidate Roan Confer.

Eric Linhardt's opponent in the judge's race is Roan Confer. He met voters near his home in Montoursville.

Both men have cross-filed on the Democratic and Republican ballots.

"I got in this election to give the voters a choice of someone who is fair and honest. It's the only thing I will commit to," said Confer.

"When I first ran for district attorney in 2008, I really had no thoughts or interests of being anything other than district attorney, and it's something I really have loved doing for the last 10 years. It's been really gratifying, but with Judge Anderson's retirement, it's opened up an opportunity for me," said Linhardt.

Mary Kilgus also plans to run for county judge as an independent in the November election.