Backyard Burning Safety Tips in Warm Weather

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- On a warm sunny day, the sound of chainsaws filled the air near Brodheadsville. Plenty of people were outside taking advantage of the weather, sprucing up their yards while the sun was out.

With warm temperatures expected over the next few days, emergency crews are reminding people about the risks of backyard burning.

Bruce Henry is the director of the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management. He says a small yard burn can turn into a big problem if you don't take the proper precautions.

"We are looking at Wednesday, Thursday is probably going to be in the upper 80s for most of our area," said Henry. "It's going to be pretty warm, a big culture shock from the 50s and 60s we've been having, but just be aware that even though we had a lot of rain, warm days with some wind will dry things up pretty quickly."

Over the next few days, if you are burning outdoors, officials say remember a few things. Make sure you have a shovel and some water nearby and burn in small quantities.

"We just make sure everything is cleaned up before it gets too warm out. plus we have the hose nearby," said Eldred Township resident Dan Posner.

Others who were out tending to their yards gave us more tricks to the trade.

Kevin Engler from Eldred Township says he checks weather conditions before he starts burning away his piles and makes sure all the work is also done a safe distance away from the house.

"I basically just have a fire pit right here and I don't make a huge fire."

Officials are also reminding people to check their local regulations before they do any yard burning in case a burn ban is in place.