ATV Rider Dies from Injuries in I-80 Crash

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- A man struck by a truck while riding an ATV on Interstate 80 in Monroe County has died.

According to the Lehigh County coroner, Alexander Musse-Sierra from Tobyhanna died Saturday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Musse-Sierra was struck in the westbound lanes of I-80 last month near the Tannersville exit.

State police are investigating the crash.



    ATVs are not meant to drive on roads and highways. I feel sorry for the truck driver that hit him.

    • TOMTOM

      Actually they are legal to ride on some roads in the great state of PA. I-80 however, isn’t one of them.

      • TOMTOM

        From the PA ATV Laws: “State and local highways and roads may be designated and posted for ATV’s by the government authority with jurisdiction over the road. Township roads designated for ATV’s are posted with a green sign containing the side view silhouette of an ATV and rider in white. Some roads may be designated and posted as joint-use roads open to both ATVs and licensed motor vehicles. Joint use roads are posted with signs stating that both types of vehicles may use the road. ATV operators on joint-use roads must be at least 16 years of age. Municipal ordinances may further regulate the use of ATVs on roads within their jurisdiction.” Take that, down-voters. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!!

  • iseedumbpeople

    Tobyhanna=Trouble and you have to be pretty lame-brained to drive an ATV on the interstate!?

  • Supporter of America

    I sure someone will say it was the truck drivers fault. I love to ride ATV’s but they have no place on paved roads. I watched 3 different riders on EASTER racing up and down Route 374, which in some sections is 55 mph. One guy even had different kids on the seat in front of him that were clearly under the age of 12. Don’t recall if they were all wearing helmets or not, but I don’t think the one was. And no one wants to address it until someone gets killed, and all of the sudden it is a tragedy. Ride and have fun, but do it where you are supposed to.

    • TOMTOM

      It’s the truck drivers fault. There, happy? Oh, I think I saw someone not wearing their seat belt today either, at least I think they weren’t, I’m not sure. I called that in too and they didn’t do anything about it. At least I think they didn’t.

    • TOMTOM

      Oh, I forgot to add – i can’t remember where this happened either. But it doesn’t matter, they won’t do anything anyhow.

    • Kathy Manz

      If someone says it is the driver’s fault then they would not have done their research. The ATV driver was not driving on Route 80, they were evading the police and entered Route 80 from a grassy area at an angle that they did not see the truck and the truck driver never saw the ATV until it was too late. Witnesses confirmed that the truck driver could not have avoided it.

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