Celebrating Mothers Day During Mass in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- In Scranton, people celebrated mothers both maternal and adoptive. A special Mass was held for them at St Peter's Cathedral. Some families come every year to spend the holiday together.

“It's a family tradition, so just to see them go to church with my kids, it shows quality time and everything, so it's a good thing to attend,” said Meaghan McGovern of Scranton.

The service celebrates all mothers for all their efforts. The Diocese of Scranton holds this service to focus on mothers who have chosen to adopt or foster children.

“You see this on TV. In fact, on your station where there are children who need help who need adoption, doesn't matter what age it is. Yes, they are beautiful when they are babies, but when they are older they still need the love,” said Joan Narcoonis of Olyphant.

This is a special day for the Bickauskas family from Archbald. The couple adopted their daughter Kayla when she was three months old and come to this Mass every year since.

“I am just happy to be with my family and be with a family who cares about me,” said Kayla Bickauskas.

Now 13 years old, Kayla is just happy to have a whole day to celebrate her mother.

“She’s a great mom because she makes sure I am doing good in school and if I need help with anything, she is there to talk,” said Kayla.

And mom is happy to spend it with her family.

“Every day is special with these kids this is just... every day is special,” said Johnine Bickauskas of Archbald.

Happy Mother’s Day!