Grandparents Found Dead in Wyoming County

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NICHOLSON TOWNSHIP — Officials say a grandmother and her husband were found shot to death in Wyoming County.

Friends say Debra Benedict appeared to have a bright future. Last year, the grandmother from Wyoming County graduated from college and opened a tanning salon down the road from her home.

On Friday, Debra was found shot to death along with her husband Kevin at their home near Nicholson, the result of an apparent murder-suicide according to investigators.

Benedict’s business shared a space with a beauty parlor on Route 11. That’s where people were trying to make sense of the loss on Saturday. Laura Lindsey recalled Debra’s comments about her marriage sounded perfectly normal.

“Normal wife stuff, like he drives her crazy, like they all do. He doesn’t do the dishes, stupid stuff like that, nothing out of the ordinary,” said Lindsey.

When Debra didn’t show Friday, workers called 911.

When Lindsey arrived with police, she said she found the couple’s dog bleeding. A vet later told her the animal had been hit by shrapnel.

“There was a good size gash on her neck. I was like, I don’t know what is happening,” Lindsey said.

The couple’s marriage had a history of violence. According to court records, back in 2002, Kevin Benedict fired a gun at Debra, resulting in a day-long standoff with police followed by jail time. The pair eventually reconciled.

“I thought that things were fine since then.”

Neighbor Douglas Sherwood says the Benedicts appeared busy and content.

“Matter of fact, just a couple days ago they were out working. I don’t know what could have happened,” said Sherwood.

The Wyoming County coroner’s office has scheduled autopsies for Monday morning.


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