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Woman from the Poconos to be Featured on Shark Tank

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POLK TOWNSHIP -- Any woman who's ever worn a wedding gown knows the struggle of trying to use the restroom -- six bridesmaids trying to lift what feels like ten pounds of tulle over your head.

But fear no more, women. There is a new invention that allows you to answer nature in peace.

Check out the "Bridal Buddy."  The invention and inventor, Heather Stenlake from Kresgeville, will both be featured Friday night on ABC's Shark Tank.

"The Bridal Buddy is a sheer lightweight slip that goes under your gown. It helps you bag up the dress so that you can use the bathroom on your own. You don't need all the bridesmaids in the stall with you," said Heather Strenlake, "Bridal Buddy" inventor.

Having been in the bridal business for years, Heather says she noticed there was a need for a contraption like this.

Dress model Marissa Strohlein shows it's very easy to use.

"This is really simple, just gather up the gown, my technique is to go back to front, bag up the dress arm through the hole here, there and then just tidy up the draw string," said Marissa Strohlein, dress model.

"You don't need all these people to come into the stall with you and the great thing about it, too, is that it protects your dress. You spend a lot of money on that dress, why not protect it in the bathroom stall,?" said Stenlake.

So how did a woman from the Poconos find her way to national television?

Heather says her journey started back in the summer and by September, she was in the Shark Tank.

"Ever since season one I've been wanting to be on Shark Tank. It was a dream of mine and that was eight seasons ago. So I thought, I am going to apply, why not? What do I have to lose? I applied and finally, I got a call back and I was absolutely thrilled," said Strenlake.

Because the show won't air until Friday night, Heather couldn't go into detail about what will happen.

But she did confess this: "I was star struck, number one. I don't think I've ever been more star struck in my life than when I came in front of all the sharks. I, my heart was just pounding and I was all smiles. They were all wonderful and I had a great experience," said Strenlake.

The "Bridal Buddy" costs just under $40.00.

To access the website, click here.

Shark Tank airs Friday's at 9 p.m. on WNEP.