Federal Government Declines Request for Disaster Funds for Blizzard Cleanup

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HARRISBURG -- We are not getting federal money to pay for the clean up from the Blizzard of 2017.

The government denied Pennsylvania's request for disaster funds.

Governor Tom Wolf pointed the finger directly at President Trump in a tweet on Thursday.

Pennsylvania had asked for federal help to cover snow cleanup costs in nine counties in our area.

The support requested by the governor would have been provided through the federal Public Assistance Program.


  • Easy e

    He points the finger at Trump for not giving disaster relief but did Wolf declare a state of emergency? Did he close our hiways, some with over a foot of snow on them ? Nope. Cant blame Trump for denying help. Thanks Wolf!!!!! Great job!!!!

  • WarningFakeNews

    Did President Trump personally decide to do this or was it maybe the democrat staffers in the agency giving the finger to PA which became a red state in the election? Wolf probably has no clue, and no proof as to who decided what, and that point should have been stated in the piece, if there really were journalists doing the reporting instead of party hacks.

  • Larry Purtell

    All federal dollars have to be extorted from working class people. It’s not free money. Take care of your own Pennsylvania and quit looking for hand outs.

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