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Victor Hare Sentenced for Boy’s Death

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SUNBURY -- It's been about two and a half years since a 9-year-old boy overdosed on oxycodone at a man's house near Northumberland.

On Thursday, that man was sentenced to prison for his role in the death.

A Northumberland County judge sentenced Victor Hare to 25 to 50 years in prison. Hare is already serving up to 10 years for a gun conviction. That means he faces up to 60 years behind bars. Victor Hare is 61 years old.

Hare was wheeled out of the Northumberland County Courthouse after being sentenced for the death of 9-year-old Korbin Rager. Hare will spend at least 25 years in prison, a sentence he does not think is fair.

"This county is corrupt," Hare said.

According to police, Korbin and his brother spent the night at Hare's home near Northumberland back in 2014. The next morning Korbin's brother found him unresponsive in Hare's bed. He had 12 times the therapeutic dose of oxycodone in his blood.

Hare told police the boy was an alcoholic and abused drugs.

John Rager is Korbin's father.

"My kid never took drugs and he never would," he said.

Rager thinks Hare should have gotten a longer sentence.

"He's a scumbag, he always will be a scumbag."

A jury found Hare guilty last month of the most serious charges against him including involuntary manslaughter. He did not testify at his trial but spoke at his sentencing for about a half hour.

He told the judge, "I've been turned into one of the worst monsters, worse than Doctor Frankenstein."

"I have cried many nights," said Hare. "As far as being remorseful for something I didn't do, I don't show remorse."

As Hare was led back to prison, he reiterated those statements to Newswatch 16.

"I'm innocent. I did not do what they're saying."

Hare says he may appeal the case.

John Rager says if that happens, he is confident Hare will be found guilty again.

"If it goes back to trial, I'll still be here for my son."


  • sad statistic

    where was the dad when this happened??? Where was the mom???
    why was a 9 year old in bed with him???
    so many questions…

  • It all started with marijuana

    Well there’s one less person abusing the disability ssi system now on to costing me money to rot in prison when he should be given a lethal dose of the same thing he dished out in order to render the boy unconscious so he could molest him

      • what part of illegal don't you understand?

        Booze = Legal to purchase, keep, and consume. Recreational MJ = Illegal to purchase, keep, and consume. You lose again.

    • better call saul

      Glad you’re basing everything on what you see from a news channel and the accused. Do us all a favor, if you ever get called for jury duty, show up with a Confederate flag shirt and Don’t Tread On Me hat. And no shoes.

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