Sunbury Police Investigating Rash Of More Than Two Dozen Vehicle Break-ins

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SUNBURY -- Police in Sunbury are warning residents about a recent rash of car break-ins, with more than two dozen vehicles targeted since Sunday night.

Now, Sunbury police are putting residents on high alert.

Investigators say more than 25 break-ins were reported to police, all taking place in the city`s Hill Neighborhood.

“My sister's car was one of them,” said Tabitha Hummel. “Whether she locked it or not she wasn't sure. She went into her car and a bunch of stuff was thrown around and a neighbor right across the street as well as her. They didn't get anything right here because she didn't leave anything in the car.”

Police say the break-ins have happened on several streets, including North 11th Street, Washington, Catawissa and Edison Avenues, and Packer Street.

And in one case, police say a victim had $800 of tip money stolen from her vehicle that she earned at a restaurant the night before.

Many people here say word has already been spreading through the community and they are aware.

“Just about people breaking in,” said Terri-Jo Brown. “They had $800 stolen out of their car, she was a waitress somewhere and just things like that.”

“There shouldn't be no reason for people even messing around with people`s vehicles so cops should crack down and catch the ones that are doing it,” said Robert Oyster.

Many said they are going be more diligent in making sure to lock their cars and be aware of whose out on the streets at night.

“Absolutely, if I know certain things like that then we need to secure our vehicles a little bit more and do what`s necessary to prevent that,” said John Mirand.

“Oh definitely, definitely more aware of it,” said Oyster. “If it`s happened to your vehicle you know you want to warn everybody else, hey, better start watching out for your vehicle then.”

Anyone who has information on the vehicle break-ins in Sunbury is asked to call Sunbury police.


  • really?

    Who keeps $800 cash in their vehicle? Better yet – where can I (legally) earn $800 in one evening waiting on tables? Something’s fishy here. And were the vehicles broken into (forceable entry) or simply left unlocked and rooted through? Big difference. If you keep anything of value in your vehicle and don’t lock it you’re just asking for someone to help themselves.

  • MMMM

    Why do people keep valuables in their car!? It’s beyond me. You’re just asking for trouble!

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