On The Run: Police In Wyoming County Continue Search For Escaped Prisoner And Boyfriend

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Police in Wyoming County continue to search for 27-year old Chelsea Robinson of Montrose and her boyfriend, 32-year old Shane Macnamee.

The two are wanted on escape and conspiracy charges.

Tunkhannock police say last Friday, Robinson was in custody, her hands cuffed behind her back, walking with adult probation officers from the courthouse in Tunkhannock to the nearby jail when a vehicle pulled up, a door opened, and Robinson bolted, jumping in and taking off.

Police believe Macnamee was driving.

"I mean, it's kind of scary, knowing that she's out and stuff,” said Brian Christ of Tunkhannock.

Police say Macnamee and Robinson planned the escape ahead of time.

Cops also say the two may be in a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

The courthouse is a block from the jail and people living nearby say it's not unusual to see prisoners walking back and forth between the two with police or probation officers.

"I feel like they should just out them in a car and put them over because stuff like that could happen,” said Caitlyn Balut of Tannock.

This escape has some people thinking twice about the way people are transported from the courthouse to the jail, back and forth.

"I'm very upset about it because they walk the people all the time that have done something wrong, in their chains and in their leg irons and everything and the kids see it and there's a lot of kids around here and you never know what's going to happen. If someone escapes like that again, you never know what, they could hurt someone or one of the kids that's just hanging around here. I think they should drive them,” said Patty Morykon of Tunkhannock.

Not everyone in the neighborhood feels the same way.

"It's always been safe, never had to worry. Always had cops everywhere, they're always roaming around and everything. Accidents happen, things happen, you know. I'm sure they're going to have more training so it never happens again,” said another resident, who did not want to be identified.

Robinson was on probation for drug charges and was arrested Friday after taking a random drug test.



  • Atty John Donovan Jr

    The Pennsylvania way. Everybody are highly intelligent critics after something happens

  • It started with marijuana

    Kudos too the doper! Now hopefully you don’t become a death by cop statistic however it may be the best thing for you so your not hurting anymore baby , I mean your disease or oops I mean your addiction will kill you however you could just choose not to take drugs and it would go away unlike the cancer that killed my father you know cancer a real disease that I wish we could’ve just stopped using something like anything to take it away so he could be here today! Amazing how s c u m live forever and all the good ones die way to young! May the next lethal dose be with you two!

  • Really!

    It’s Thursday WHY is this just on the news now. That was almost a week ago she could be in Canada by now.

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