Woman Admits to Gas Dousing, Sentenced to Prison

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Kimberly Brinton

TUNKHANNOCK — A woman accused of dousing someone with gasoline during a fight at a gas station in Wyoming County has been sent to prison.

Kimberly Brinton was sentenced to two to six years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to risking a catastrophe and drug charges from a separate incident.

According to police, Kimberly Brinton was pumping gas with a lit cigarette at Mehoopany Dandy Mart last year.  Tami Donovan yelled at Brinton to put the cigarette out.  An argument broke out and Donovan threw water at the cigarette. Then as Donovan tried to pull away, Brinton pumped gas on her.

Donovan got out of her vehicle, slipped and fell in the gas, and broke her arm.


  • kennylc2015

    I would never yell at someone who is smoking while using the gas pump (though seriously, how dumb can you be?) See… I am passive aggressive with these things… I’m more likely to grab my phone, pretend to be talking on my phone, and say loud enough for her to hear something like “you gotta see this dumba___ smoking while pumping gas” haha

  • GTX

    I bet those pearly whites wont look like that when she is in prison for a year or 2. I am sure she will get her clock cleaned a few times. What a waste of flesh.

  • christined62

    You cannot set gas on fire with a cigarette, you need a flame. I accidentally dropped a cigarette into a puddle of gas and all that happened was the cigarette got wet and was put out. If the busybody kept to herself and DIDN”T throw water on the woman this would have never happened. I blame the busybody and she should also be sitting her butt n jail for assault.

    • Gotts love stupidity

      All gas pumps clearly state NO SMOKING. It’s risking everyone’s safety if you do.

    • Mike

      The Busy Body should of mind her business if she mind her own business in the first place none of this would have happened

    • steelhyaena

      Actually, it depends on the temperature of the fuel in question. Gasolite has a higher flashpoint than—for example—diesel fuel. What catches is not the liquid, initially, but the fumes. Any ambient temperature over about 90, that can be a worry. Once the fumes go, they heat the rest of the fuel, and it this process accelerates enough, it can explode. #StuffILearnedInTheNavy

  • Dawn Davenport

    I see people pumping gas while smoking quite a bit, and they do get irritated if you say anything. People can be such empty headed idiots. If it wasn’t risking other innocent people, I’d be for letting them burn themselves.

  • Gotts love stupidity

    How dumb can she be? Let’s pump gas with a lit cigarette. Then let’s douse some one with gas. What a dingbat! People need to wise up and use that lump that 3 fett above their butt!!

      • CeeMe

        You must be stupid, too, like her. Smoking a cigarette near gas can cause an explosion and death. It can put people in the hospital with severe burns and disfigurement. Ask anyone in NJ. That is why you can’t pump your own gas in NJ. Because idiots there, like this woman, kept lighting up at the gas pumps and killing people. Get a clue, OK?

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