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Williamsport Brush Drop-off Site Closed for Now

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WILLIAMSPORT -- With trees twisted and tangled all over the city, there's no shortage of work for the city streets department in Williamsport.

"I don't recall a storm of this severity it happened and now you deal with it," said Tom Cillo, Williamsport city streets manager.

Last week, strong winds and rain pulled down trees across Williamsport. Cillo and his crew of city workers are just now cleaning up Brandon Park where 17 large trees fell.

"Our focus initially for the first number of days was to clear the streets," Cillo said.

There's a pile of debris waiting to be picked up in front of Christopher Moser's house on Hepburn Street.

Some of his neighbors still have to cut down trees.

"Driving around town, it's just like there's so much damage. I can understand they are having a difficult time keeping up with it all," Moser said.

For those in Williamsport looking to get rid of some of that debris, they're going to have to wait. City workers had to close the brush pile on West Third Street.

"Leave the brush either on their truck or at their property and next week they can start hauling it in," said Cillo.

The city is bringing in a large grinder this week. The plan is to break down all of the debris to make mulch. Once that happens, the lot will reopen.

Until then, people like Karen Evans and her sister Janet will have to keep their pile of tree limbs.

"Came across the bridge, just saw where it was and was like, I don't think we can get in," said Karen Evans. "I think they should have a secondary spot to dump it if this was filled."

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