Timing of FBI Director’s Firing Raising Some Questions

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SCRANTON -- People in our area are sounding off on the president's sudden decision to ax the director of the FBI.

Among those offering thoughts are two U.S. Congressmen and a political science professor at the University of Scranton.

“The move to fire Comey will really increase the call for scrutiny of President Trump,” said Dr. Michael Allison.

Allison is the head of the political science department at the University of Scranton and says the firing of FBI Director James Comey by President Trump was not only unexpected but also mostly unprecedented.

“It's the FBI director, and again, we don't have a history of firing FBI directors. There's a reason why they have 10-year terms and they're protected from the political tides,” said Allison.

But it's the timing of the firing that’s raising some questions as Comey had reportedly just asked to expand his investigation into possible Russian tampering in the presidential election.

“It really becomes a serious issue of trust, perhaps criminal wrongdoing if they were removed to disrupt any investigation into the president,” said Allison.

U.S. Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright agrees.

“It comes days after Comey asked for an expansion of the Russian probe, and it's hard for people not to think, 'Oh, he got fired because they wanted to shut him up,'” said Cartwright, D-17th District.

The White House denies the firing had anything to do with the Russian investigation.

U.S. Republican Congressman Lou Barletta had this statement:

“I am confident that the FBI will continue to do its job and pursue ongoing investigations in a fair and factual manner,” said Barletta, R-11th District.

Some here say Trump was right to fire Comey.

“He mishandled the email scandals and flip-flopped back and forth,” said Frank Burton of Scranton.

Others are skeptical.

“I think it makes it look very suspicious, definitely,” said Katie Reilly.

Bill Clinton was the first president to fire an FBI director. That was over alleged ethical problems with the director's personal finances.


  • WarningFakeNews

    The democrats knew all along Comey was one of them, he had their back- all the way. He took the heat for letting Clinton skate and he thought he played it brilliantly, outlining all her transgressions and then caulked them up to her being clueless rather than manipulative. The thing just before the election was simple, the NYPD had Weiner’s laptop, knew what was on it, and threatened to blow it wide open if the FBI didn’t run with it. They pretended to care, but then – SHAZAM! – “nothing new here” just in time to let her win the election, BRILLIANT PLAN…. except- OOPS! She didn’t. They’ve been ‘demonizing’ him ever since, he was their whipping boy, but he was on their side all along.

    Only thing strange about the date of his firing? That it didn’t happen on Jan. 20.


    Trump has us in more trouble in 112 days than any other president in our time and ALL YOU have is divert, distract and deflect from this train wreck who preferred Russians and their press in his White House yesterday over our own. The Russian press informed us of that visit. How shameful!! He’s nothing but lies about that situation and firing Comey. Comey asked for more money and people and Trump sent him packing. WHAT is this man so afraid of if he’s done nothing wrong? YOU know and the rest of us do as well. PLEASE put America before YOUR party and desperation for power! Don’t prove him RIGHT that he said he could shoot someone and not lose a supporter!!

  • Dave

    Typical response from you and all who support the right..Place blame elsewhere even when you have been fed false news you believe it. Actually Wnep has been lax on News coming out of the White house. They had no news on Congress destroying Health care. Something your going to be paying a lot more for if your over 50. Well Golly!!!!

  • les

    It amazes me how hypocritical the left can be. They prey on small minds to re-elect them at every election cycle.
    Sleepy Bob spoke up with his dissent too.
    Get over it Clinton folks. Trump is in the White House, and the Republicans control Congress. It’s time to shout ‘BOHICA!’

    • E

      It’s going to be an interesting situation when the republican congress moves to impeach Trump to head off an otherwise inevitable 2018 midterm landslide. Trump will be out before 2018 begins, either by resignation or impeachment.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Another day, another democrat outrage.

    Watching snowflakes melt is getting kind of boring.

      • McCracken

        Trump, himself, has said he has no interest in pursuing an indictment of Hillary. So, by your logic, we can get rid of him, then, correct?

    • Feed Me More

      winters over jeff, time to come up with something new besides snowflakes, getting as old as trumps golf trips and fast food meals. maybe use freethinkers or nonconformist, something along those lines

    • E

      That’s such a joke! Trump is the biggest snowflake around. He throws a tantrum if people say his crowds aren’t the biggest, or if someone implies that one of his advisers have has too much power. He basically admitted to being jealous of the attention Comey was getting, referring to him as a ‘showboat’. Trump has the emotional resilience of a 3-year-old.

  • Get ready

    I can’t wait until Sinclair buys this station, I think a lot more are gonna get what Comey got.

  • Ric Underhill

    Comey spent his career cleaning up the Clintons’ messes. Had Hillary won, Comey would have been told to have a car accident. Trump probably fired him but the severance package will probably included a year’s salary and benefits and a few private sector contacts to triple Comey’s income. Comey played with in the Big Game and became a liability to Hillary, the Democrats and a pariah to everyone else. Trump let him go and told him to move on. Hillary has a “LIST” of those less fortunate.

    MOVE ON, People…

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