Street Names to Change After Confusion in Schuylkill County

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KLINE TOWNSHIP -- More and more, drivers are using GPS on their phones or in their cars to get from one place to another.

But in one community, drivers are getting confused over directions and struggling to get to their destination. Right now, there are three James Streets, two Green Streets, and two South Kennedy Drives all within Kline Township.

That's why Kline Township supervisors recently voted to change several streets' names because of all the confusion.

"We needed to do that because we have emergency vehicles, and they're making their response time longer because they are going to the wrong villages," said Dale Wesner, Kline Township Supervisor.

In all, four streets in Kline Township are set to get new names:

  • James Street, from Carl Street to Cedar Street, will become Naomia Avenue.
  • James Street, from Marcus Court to Maple Lane, will become Maple Lane.
  • South Kennedy Drive, just behind Carl Street and Snyder Avenue, will revert back to South Tamaqua Street.
  • Green Street, off Tresckow Road, will become Middle Street.

Even Tony and Sybil Katona's realtor got lost when the two were buying a rental home right behind their current home.

"Even getting family up here was difficult when we first moved up here," said Tony Katona. "We used to meet them at the bottom of the corner and then bring them up here."

Dave Gillott doesn't even live on any of the affected streets, but just about every day, he's giving directions to outsiders.

"Quite a bit," he said. "Pizza delivery guys, UPS, FedEx. It's an ongoing thing, so it is a good that they are changing the streets."

The transition to change the street names is expected to be completed on July 1, after the township supervisors have a chance to coordinate with agencies like the postal service and emergency crews.


  • davey

    Beautiful area! schuylkill county got a lot going for it lately. Closing malls, blight, potholed roads, corruption arrests and drug arrests . i got dibs on moving there and paying taxes.

    • hg3300

      Schuylkill County got something else going for it, you’re not living here. Don’t come, we don’t want Negative Nancys

  • Litter Me Pickum

    I live in one township, collect my mail in an other township, addressed to a borough. Several years ago when we had to put up 911 signage, I read through a half dozen pages of requirements and it looked like I had them all met. Just when you thought you had it figured out you get a message on you machine that the signs are in. So I looked up the rescue squads website that I ordered them from for a street address for pickup, there was none, only the P.O.Box that I already had. So I guessed at where they could be located and found it. Then I got a knock on the door and was told I had to take it down or be fined, you were already told there would be fines if I didn’t put one up. So I moved it to the other side of the drive where it was visible only traveling in one direction on the road and somehow that was OK. It gets worse, all the mailboxes in the community are at one location, each with a number on the box. All the mail has to be looked up to convert it to the box number from a street address. All the postal employees must be happy with all the overtime that they may not have gotten before.

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