Florists Prepare for Busy Mother’s Day Weekend

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STROUDSBURG -- Many moms out there will be treated to the gift of flowers this Mother's Day weekend.

Florists all over our area are very busy making sure the beautiful arraignments are ready to be delivered on-time.

It's the calm before the storm for florists at Floral Boutique on 5th Street in Stroudsburg. Hundreds of floral arraignments are being prepared for Mother's Day weekend.

"Really what we are working on right now and the next two days will be cleaning the flowers and getting everything prepped, in the coolers and ready for the arraignments," said Susan Hartman, floral designer.

Hartman says this week, it's all hands on deck.

She says it takes a lot of work and long hours to strip away leaves on stems and come up with creative ways to make moms all over the Poconos happy on their special day.

"It's a very satisfying business to be in because you do bring people happiness. You have little kids that come in and pick out plants for their mom and it's fun and they enjoy it," Hartman said.

Florists plan ahead for Mother's Day. Roses and flowers have been coming in by the dozens since the beginning of the week.

It's not just the florists who are busy. The delivery drivers are, too.

David Reifinger was on his second wave of deliveries for customers who wanted to send flowers early.

"Oh, it's incredible. We are going to have a ton of deliveries going this weekend for Mother's Day. We will have a bunch of full vans. We are running three this week," he said.

Employees agree it's a lot of work, but the happiness the flowers bring makes it all worth it.

"Yeah, we make sure people get them so they are happy. They wouldn't move unless someone takes them out," Reifinger said.

To make sure everyone gets what they need for the big day, the floral boutique will be open on Mother's Day until 3 p.m.


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