Vandals Hit Pocono Cinema in East Stroudsburg for the Second Time

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A rock thrown by a vandal led to a mess at Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center in East Stroudsburg.

Police are now trying to find the person who threw it late Sunday night.

"The person was able to get in and take our donation box which was hidden behind the desk so they must have known what they were coming in for," said Courtney Tolino.

This is the second time in three months cinema director Courtney Tolino has had to sweep up the mess. A similar crime happened back in February when $70 was taken.

This time, about $150 was in the donation box and it cost about $800 to repair the damage.

"When stuff like this happens, it's so upsetting to see. This is definitely not the image we want for our community," said Tolino.

Tolino says security cameras are being installed on Wednesday morning.

Not only will surveillance cameras be installed inside the theater, they will also be put outside. Directors tell us no cash or change will be left inside the theater overnight.

Business owners on Courtland Street can't believe vandals hit the community theater again.

"They shouldn't do that to the community. That is a nice community theater for a lot of people around here to go there. What they do is not right," said Lana Okazawa, Serenity Nail Salon.

Patricia Carnrike owns Patty's Courtland Café right next door. She calls the break-ins concerning and thinks security cameras need to be installed downtown.

"Something just to watch these storefronts down here because if that's the mentality is of someone they are going to take whatever there is to take no matter what the value," Carnrike.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for repairs.  For more information, click here.