Pool Businesses Gearing Up for Summer Rush

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- It might not feel like it, but in a couple weeks, many pools will be open and swim season will be here. And even though it's been cold, experts say now is actually the best time to open your pools for the season.

With a chill in the air, business isn't heating up just yet at many pool suppliers throughout the Poconos. But with warm weather on the horizon, places like Pocono Pool and Spa near Stroudsburg are gearing up for busy times ahead.

"In the next week or two, right before Memorial Day, usually the week before, we get a lot of business. Then our weekends are crazy. Sometimes our lines go to the door and it gets busy because you have to spend 10, 15 minutes with a customer sometimes explaining everything," said store manager Kristen Deleo.

Deleo says the company has already opened up a few pools, but dozens of others are waiting to be installed.

Experts say even though it might not seem like it's time to open the pool, these cooler temperatures are actually the best time to do so. You can clean out your pool and beat the algae.

"Now is the best time to open the pool when it's colder. You want to beat the algae bloom and get your water circulating," said Deleo.

Jackie Bischer from Stroudsburg was doing just that. She brought in a water sample from her pool after she and her husband discovered it was looking more green than blue. They decided to open it early to clear up the problem.

"It was a little green so it had to be opened. Normally, we open the middle of May but my husband looked at the cover and it was green and it needed a little work," Bischer said.

Bishcer says it took some time to get the pool back to normal, but she's glad it was done sooner, rather than later.

"It took about a week or two to get it going but it's blue and ready to go."

And now all we need to get this pool party started is some warm weather.

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