More Arraignments in Penn State Frat House Death

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BELLEFONTE -- More members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity were arraigned in Centre County court Tuesday afternoon for the death of Timothy Piazza.

Less than a week after 10 fraternity brothers from Penn State were charged, eight more members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity were arraigned Tuesday afternoon in Centre County court.

The Centre County district attorney is charging a total of 18 in the death of Timothy Piazza.

Piazza is the Penn State student from New Jersey who died at the Beta Theta Pi frat house in State College back in February.

"This is obviously a college town and we have a university here and we hear a lot of complaints about hazing and we've had a case in the past that was difficult to prove and in this case in ended in death. We were not going to leave any stone unturned until we knew the truth about Timothy Piazza," said Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

It's alleged Piazza got so drunk during a hazing ritual that he fell down a flight of stairs and eventually died.

Court papers say his fellow frat house members knew Piazza was in trouble but didn't get help until several hours after the fall.

That group includes Ed Gilmartin from Scranton. Gilmartin is accused of helping cover up the fraternity's involvement including convincing members to delete messages about it.

"You'll see how they were varying degrees and how they were contributing to Timothy Piazza's death and ones charged with manslaughter and how other people are deserving of the charges filed against them," the D.A. added.

The group of students charged and arraigned in Bellefonte last week included Gary DiBileo of Scranton.

Those charges range from involuntary manslaughter to tampering with evidence.

All eight men were released without having to pay bail. They are all expected back in court later this month.


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      Pfftt haaa! No Penn State is a great institution for higher learning, YOU, your family, friends and neighbors are a disgrace. Notice how this negative situation is directly a result of NEPA coal miner trash being present. If they weren’t there the kid would not have died. You people are trash, your children are trash, so keep them in those laughable colleges in your burnt out coal slum.

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    The history of this frat is beyond belief , They were not allowed alcohol over it. Now mom and dad have to pay off the county lawyers and judges to keep them and thier entitlement mentality kids records clean .

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