Human Remains Discovered in Susquehanna County

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BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP -- State police in Susquehanna County say human remains were found in the woods in a rural area near Montrose.

Investigators say those remains were found around 11 a.m. Tuesday, but they are not saying much more.

Neighbors gathered along Meshoppen Creek Road in Bridgewater Township after hearing that human remains had been found in the woods just off the road.

“Now hearing human remains, it's just our neighborhood’s just a little on edge,” said Denelle Myers.

Many said hearing that the remains were discovered in their rural community has them unsettled.

“I had heard that they found human remains and I was really concerned about this. My family lives right here. We walk up and down this road all the time,” said George Miller.

“Anytime you find any kind of remains out in the community, it's got to worry you somehow because somewhere in the past one of your neighbors, you don't know them as well as you thought you did,” said Lonnie Swetter.

“It's a little unnerving, you know, a little kind of scary,” said Linda Book.

Even more troubling, people here say this is the second time human remains have been found in Susquehanna County in less than six months.

In January, state police say human remains were found in Choconut Township near the New York state line.

“And it's really concerning that there's this going on again after what they found on January 12 up in Choconut Township,” said Miller.

State police are saying little else and provided no specific details about the human remains, only adding that the “investigation is currently active and ongoing,” leaving people to speculate who it may be and what may have happened.

“There's a man from Johnson City that's been missing and there's also somebody from Binghamton that's been missing for quite some time now,” said Miller.

The Susquehanna County coroner says an autopsy on the remains is scheduled for 8 a.m. Wednesday.