Back Roads Backed Up as Roadwork on I-81 in Luzerene County Continues

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Drivers on part of Interstate 81 northbound were seeing nothing but brake lights again Tuesday morning as week two of roadwork continues.

Some drivers in Luzerne County said they felt they had no escape from the traffic because even the back roads were backed up with other roadwork projects.

PennDOT crews were busy on Tuesday repaving three miles of I-81 northbound from the Avoca area to Davis Street.

Some drivers tried to skip the stress by getting off and taking Main Street in Avoca, but they were met with the pain of one lane traffic.

"It's ridiculous between the main roads and 81 you can't go anywhere these days," one driver said.

Convenience store employees in Pittston Township said during day two of the northbound roadwork, they were just as busy checking out customers as they were giving directions.

"My manager was joking and calling me the human GPS because I was trying to help people with directions and bypass all that traffic," Heather Yacovelli, a convenience store employee at the Pittston Exxon, said.

Some people were looking on the bright side of the situation and said it will be great to have some nice roads to drive on soon.

Others said it's a lot to handle these projects on the back roads and Interstate 81 all at once.

"Well they're doing construction on the main roads as well as the back roads so I think they need to get their acts together," Another driver said.

Roadwork is scheduled to continue Monday through Thursday from 5:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the next two weeks.